I want you addicted to me,
I can be anything you want,

All of your life,
I have been trying to get
inside of you like it were
some grand prize.

Each time I spoke aloud,
you tried to ignore me,

I only spoke louder
and more firmly to your
heart which was filled
with pain.

I struck down the turmoil,
I cried out from Heaven,

The emotions on your heart,
were mine to claim, I wanted
inside of you with all of
my glorious truths.

I wanted to be a drug that
you would take from day
to day and never forget,
you should never get over
my love for any cause.

I watched you fall away
from your friends and family,
the pain grasped my heart
as it strangled yours, you
blamed me for it all.

I forgave you like I always do,
I loved you like I always do,
I still do, my child.

That is why I am still trying
to fill your heart with my love,
as much of it as I can.

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Crel Velde

Crel Velde has been a virtual resident of Linden Lab's SecondLife since 2010. Prior to that, he was a resident of ActiveWorlds Alpha World and CyberCity. Currently, he explores the virtual world, roleplays, generally enjoys men's fashion, and owns land in SecondLife. He has been called a helpful resident and is known to play around in the Linden Scripting Language.


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