Raven de Noire – a broken heart

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So weak in the knees, I couldn’t help but to fall to the ground and realize how so in love I had become. She was more precious than the rarest gem that had ever come into my possession. Gazing into her eyes, I lifted my hands up in an attempt to show affections I had never felt before. She turned to look at me and sighed with no remorse. It was then, I realized I had fallen victim to the same emotions that had cursed her to live like this.

She walked away as silently and quickly as she had arrived. The shadows that followed disappeared only seconds after her. When I regained control over my body, I chased after her but to no avail. Her words echoed in my head.

I was wastrel of my enjoyment of them. My life slowly crept into revolution along the time of the eve hours until finally I no longer saw the sun rising and lowering. I could only see the moon as my brightest star.

For hours on in to the evening, I sat on a park bench and cried tears of pain and mourning. I had found and lost love in the same instant. No words could have described how my heart began to sink lower into my chest. All I could think about were all of those times when people insulted me for who I was. They declared me some freak of modern society that didn’t deserve to exist. I let it all pass me by and did nothing to stop it.

“Oh how I have failed in this life. I have prayed to my God for all of the healing and guidance possible, still I find myself in this punishment. Oh God! How can this be so?! Have not I served you well? Do I not claim your reign over me, everyday? Your glory above all others?”

The time continued to travel around the clocks of a human lifespan. Suddenly hours seemed like seconds and years seemed like days. . .

Crel Velde

Crel Velde has been a virtual resident of Linden Lab's SecondLife since 2010. Prior to that, he was a resident of ActiveWorlds Alpha World and CyberCity. Currently, he explores the virtual world, roleplays, generally enjoys men's fashion, and owns land in SecondLife. He has been called a helpful resident and is known to play around in the Linden Scripting Language.


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