Suddenly I could feel a new emotion filling my heart. It was as though I had suddenly lost my desire to see the good in all things. My head arose only to find that my eyes were now filled with an evil hunger in them.

“Oh, how they walk these streets at night. So happily and blissfully. . . Their lives are untainted by the lack of others caring for them. By my minds eye, they shall seek to resolve their issues quickly when I am through with them. None of them have been cursed as I have.”

I stood to one knee and kept peering out at the innocent girls walking down the street. They were so beautiful and at ease with themselves. One girl was dressed in all black, parts of her skin could be seen through the sides of her clothing. A long cloak came down her back, flowing with every brisk of the wind. She seemed to awaken parts of me that had never existed before.

Again, my eyes twitched and became more hatred filled. I had to consume and my body was demanding that I do. So I licked my lips and stood to full height. My wings expanded out at full span, blood pouring from every crevice onto the ground, my blood. I glorified the air for a few moments but remembered what I had arisen to do.

“mmm. How delicious you should be as I bite into your neck and suck the life out of you. Your blood will spurt every where but I shall not down it. I will merely enjoy it coursing over my body as it strains down my clothes, my skin like the water from a shower. I shall bathe in your blood!”

I looked at the girl once again, to catch a glimpse of what I was about to do. There was no inclination of it being the slightest bit wrong to me. Nor did I have fear or remorse over it. I simply had the desire, the urge, and will to take the life away from her. Just then, I decided it was time.

My wings led me to stand in front of her in mere seconds. They had disappeared underneath my clothing to hide the hideousness that was about to break on this young girl. It had to be this way. So now I was to part my lips and converse with her before she was to fall victim to my love, my happiness. . . I was to revenge the sacrilege of another on her.

“Good evening, quite nice of a moon out tonight. Would you say?”

“Yes, it is,” she replied with a little distrust on her face.

“Forgive me, I am being such a disrespectful gentleman. I have forgotten to introduce myself. I am Raven.”

“I’m Angelique. Nice to meet you.”

“So what brings you to walking these streets so late at night?”

“The boredom. It felt so nice out here that I decided to walk the streets and enjoy the cool nighttime air. The people at my house were all asleep so they couldn’t come with me.”

“I must agree but aren’t you afraid of what might happen out here?” I asked as I urged her to walk on with me. “There have been tales of people being lost out here at night.”

“I’m not all that worried, I have learned to defend myself should anything happen. I have been through many years martial arts training.”

“I can see that, you do look rather well strengthened.”

“I mainly took the training because of how the guys were treating me. They tried to take advantage of me.”

“Did they now? Someone as beautiful as you must surely have someone who treats her with respect and adores her every step.”

Now blushing, she responded, “No, what brings you out here tonight? Don’t you have a lucky girl to be with?”

“I wish I did. Alas, I have had bad luck with that area in life. Most girls I meet are either taken or simply over expecting of other guys. I’m just not them. I don’t quite understand what makes a girl enjoy being with someone who treats them like trash. To me, a guy should glorify his girlfriend in everything his does, such as he would God and his son.”

“Wow, I wish I knew more guys like you. I would love to be with someone who felt so highly about us girls.”

I had been leading her to the park where I had lost my freedom to see the daylight sky. The flowers were blossomed out to enhance the beauty of the evening and hide the evidence of the coming viciousness that was about to take place.

I looked into Angelique’s eyes and urged her to let down her guard. I was about to give her the night of her life that she would never forget.

“Kiss me. It is so romantic out here and this is a night that deserves a kiss, ” she begged of me.

Oh can she be so willing so quickly, I thought. My luck had not been so easy before this evening. Women normally demand that I depart their presence and never annoy them with my life again. I was confused but this was how it was going to be.

I leaned over and kissed her, putting in great passion that I had never felt before. My hand grasped onto her back and treated her well enough with it. The respect was not for her bottom nor was it for her bosom. Though I was about to sacrifice her blood over my body, I had more respect for women than that. She slightly tilted her neck sideways, as though to allow me to kiss her on her neck, as I did she began to rise in temperature. I could feel it through the air around us.

She slid off her shirt from one of her shoulders and started to reveal her breasts to me. Perky as they were, I was not interested in them as much as she would hope. I went back to kissing her on the lips until suddenly she had lost her entire top. I stepped back and looked at her for a moment.

“You have a nice body. How can any man mistreat such a beautiful woman? There is alot to be enjoyed with you.”

She blushed and knelt me down to a height that allowed me to reach her breasts. She shoved one in my mouth and that’s when it happened. I clinched on to her and began to suck with enormous pleasure. I could not understand why she was not feeling the pain as blood started to pour into my mouth and down my face. I slowly began to strip her further down until she was naked on the ground. I gave her one last kiss on the lips before I would finish her off.

“I’m sorry I have to do this. I’m going to ease the pain in your life. . .”

“I love you!” she proclaimed, not knowing that I was referring to the taking of her life.

I gave her a moments pleasure by going down to the area that I felt had been neglected all evening. I sobbed it up for a moment and then went up to her neck and bit straight into her flesh. I sucked the life straight out of her until she began to shed tears onto the ground. She could not say anything because she had already passed away. Her body was simply letting out its final farewell.

Her blood had gotten all over my body. I rubbed it further onto my skin, cleansing the bruises I had on my body. My clothes were now soaked in her blood. As I looked at her one more time, I sighed and let out a breath of release.

The night time sky had set in and all I could think about was finding shelter for the day. The sun was about to rise and I shouldn’t be outside while it is up in the sky. When I finally found my shelter, I made sure no light could come in. It was a small and damp cave off the outskirts of town. Here I could rest and reflect on the events of recent. . . I could enjoy the feeling of having taken the life from Angelique. . 

Crel Velde

Crel Velde has been a virtual resident of Linden Lab's SecondLife since 2010. Prior to that, he was a resident of ActiveWorlds Alpha World and CyberCity. Currently, he explores the virtual world, roleplays, generally enjoys men's fashion, and owns land in SecondLife. He has been called a helpful resident and is known to play around in the Linden Scripting Language.


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