Day 8

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Returned from a journey to the forest. It seems as though I am beginning to be accepted by the other drow. I am not no longer treated as such an outsider. The warriors guild seems to continue to want to recruit me but I have other plans. I have sent a scroll to Gulzaer Ohmai in hopes to be accepted into the mages guild. This may not please the sut’rinos but I have to take my own path and not one chosen for me by another Drow.

I have revealed the dream that lead me to Luth, to Rook. She suggested that I speak to a priestess about it in order to learn more about it and what it may mean. She feels that the great mother spoke to me.

Later in the day, it seemed that war was upon the house. Some vikings were reported to be gathering in order to invade. The Dalharil requested I join. My bow was ready but it seemed little needed. All that arrived was a single human, seemingly unawares of the coming battle. Easily chased off. Then a message arrived by bird that the battle was naught! A form of truce had been in place?

During the debrief with the Ilharess, it was discovered that there was not a truce and that the humans cowardly avoided the battle.

After the battle, it seems I proved my worth and was initiated into the mages guild. Finally, acceptance.

Crel Velde

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