Starting over

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Starting over

As you may have noticed, it has been awhile since we have made any major posts here. Over the last few years, I have run in to my ups and downs with SecondLife. Things have also happened in my first life that drew the focus away from providing updates. If any of you have noticed, a new member has been added to the team, her name is Siku, my now amazing wife. I met her as part of the roleplay group in Luth and haven’t been able to stay away since. We got first-life married in December of 2017 after having been together for almost two years. Over the next couple of months, we anticipate an uptick of content for the site. That includes the re-design in progress as well as Siku’s passion of being a fashionista in-world. Things you can look forward to:

  • Tales from our travels in SecondLife
  • Fashion and Style according to Siku
  • Designs & builds of our very own
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Crel Velde

Crel Velde has been a virtual resident of Linden Lab's SecondLife since 2010. Prior to that, he was a resident of ActiveWorlds Alpha World and CyberCity. Currently, he explores the virtual world, roleplays, generally enjoys men's fashion, and owns land in SecondLife. He has been called a helpful resident and is known to play around in the Linden Scripting Language.