Day 9

I have met Gulzaer again to receive some useful training in the ways of drow society. Things are not as evil as it is written by those on the surface. He spoke of a great many things that make me feel ever closer to home. Perhaps it was well that I followed the dream. Oh […]

Day 4 – Mistaking a Fae’s place

During a rather long and drawn conversation with Vier’afin about Lloth, a dragon named Zeifyl Daehlie arrived as an emissary of a human princess from a place called Newcastle. He inquired about a letter that may have been sent by the Ilham to their land. Quite a terse dragon wanting to provide little information. The […]

Day 3 – Learning the ways of actual Drow Society!

Returned to Luth, I was not able to get back into the city at this time. There is a tavern just outside though. I went go and see what kind of beverages they served at the establishment. Wow, the Eldaas wine has a kick to it. The barkeep called it a blood wine. I can […]

Day 2 – Continuing my observations of Drow from the Underdark

Apparently, I fell asleep in the library. Another “Velkyn”, Gelrel’e Maelthra Xukuth V’arde, and a drake approached me, wondering how I was in the city. I informed him of the previous nights actions and was set to continue my reading. He informed me that I was not to explore the city without a guide. This […]

Day 1 – Visiting Lloth’s city at Luth

Journeyed to a strange place called Luth, it seems to be a house of Drow, the Kestal. When attempting to enter, a Drowess named Alaunafay had informed me that I could not enter at the time because the heads of the house were not present at the time. Later that evening, the Matron Mother had […]