Day 3 – Learning the ways of actual Drow Society!

Returned to Luth, I was not able to get back into the city at this time. There is a tavern just outside though. I went go and see what kind of beverages they served at the establishment. Wow, the Eldaas wine has a kick to it. The barkeep called it a blood wine. I can understand why.

A Drowess, Vier’afin approached rather cautiously. It seemed as though she were watching me! This one is not like the others that I have met, she is more disdainful of strangers and surface dwellers. Another Drowess, Pouty entered as well. She was more welcoming and accustomed to strangers, I felt. A warmer feeling. Through discussion, it seemed as though I were doing something wrong but I could not put my finger on it. Both were very inquisitive.

That Vier’afin was fond of informing me that I would either learn their ways or be taught by a blade. A bit vicious! That “Velkyn” returned. I am still not completely sure what a “Velkyn” is. He bowed to Pouty. Vier’afin seemed be insulted by his lack of acknowledge and introduction to her. As I was to find out, the books were true, males rank lower than the females and it is proper to kneel before one of higher rank. Another male drow that seemed quite unknown entered as well.

As it were, he had petitioned to join the house. I was about to witness something that does not occur often where I roam. Another drowess arrived, a “Dalhril”. I am not sure what is so important about her but this seemed to make everyone bow, except the other male drow. The “Dalhril” was quite accomdating in answering questions about the city and Drow in general. It turns out that she was actually there to witness the test of that male drow, Halisstrad, was his name. It seemed he was not very respectful until after he was tested and shown courtesies of being accepted into the house. The Dalhril, her name was Saberya. Its best to write her name down before I forget.

Oh! There was another surface dweller present, a Rosa. She was a half-elf that wore the amulet of Ellistrae. She was warned that if her mother wore it, she may not be safe around Drow. This one, I am suspicious of. She is a mage that can apparently read minds. One of her statements was that she can read someone’s mind to see if he was a spy, though I’m not sure who was being referred to as a spy. I did notice that Vier’afin looked a bit strangely at me and was bothered that Rosa read her mind.