Day 4 – Mistaking a Fae’s place

During a rather long and drawn conversation with Vier’afin about Lloth, a dragon named Zeifyl Daehlie arrived as an emissary of a human princess from a place called Newcastle. He inquired about a letter that may have been sent by the Ilham to their land. Quite a terse dragon wanting to provide little information. The Ilham was not around so I personally asked the dragon to return later in chance of speaking with the Ilham. Vier’afin seems pleased at my progress of learning the ways of our people.

An interesting little thing, Nayatha appeared. She seems to be in search of dream fragments and claims they will serve to protect the “Earth”. She talked of some Dastierinmier as though it were important to me. So bothersome those little things that call themselves Fae, if she was not she should not appear as one!

Met Evrae’ma Imlyn Co’lynn, a drow priestess from Kestal. It has been made known through her that I seek to find a home. Perhaps I will be welcomed into the house and allowed to investigate more.

That damned dreamer returns only to reveal she understands our language! It claims to not be a fae but a dream. I am not sure what to make of it. A heated discussion has occured between myself and Nayatha, she has almost revealed secret that I am working to maintain for now.

A strange female and male warrior that did not wish to speak much arrived while I sat back in tavern. Not a note worthy event but I make it anyway. These lands are strange.

Found myself introduced to Gulzaer Ohmal, the Grand Oversear of Kestal. It seems that he is some kind of mage and fancies himself important. Judging from his interactions with Nariel Laerwen, he just might be. She had some weird reaction to a change on his face and some crystal that was once in his arm. She seeks to fix something concerned a bit of an issue brought on by “The Dark Mother”, Lloth?

Gulzaer now seems to be bound to some shadow walker…. Something to investigate…

Made the mistake of offending a fae that is apparently the same status as drow females. Lesson learned. (edit)