Day 5 – Showing my worth

Found my way back to Luth today. The forest has been quiet these past few days. Its no wonder that I keep wandering ever further into Luth. Things seemed pretty quiet there as well, a perfect opportunity to practice my archery. For a moment, I felt as though I was being watched. After I tired of shooting at some targets that only moved side to side, I returned to the tavern for a cold drink. There, mistress Rook found me. I gave her the standard greeting. Apparently, she had been the one watching my unimpressive practicing and lead me to another range to practice. This one was quite more involved. It is hard to tell at times if I am impressing the Kestal or boring them with my antics but today, this drowess seemed to be interested in me.

An alarm was sounded, an intruder in the city! At last, I was given an opportunity to show my worth. The drowess took me at her side to investigate this creature. It turned out to be a Viking! It would not say why it was in the city or how, only that it was lost. Before it could be offered an escort out of the city, it loosed an arrow on me! So strange! Plain and simple Crel has been hit with an arrow! A valiant effort was put up with Rook at sword and I at the bow. The viking struggled to return shots but could not get a good aim so he fled.

After a bit of following, the foul thing managed to evade us and escape the city. Such an eventful day so far.

It seems that that Keeno is up to some mischief. She has devised some spell to turn a male into a frog! It had to be tested and I was the only male to be found. Sadly, mistress Rook was more than willing to have her try it on me. A discussion occurred between them, referring some human male that the Dalharil is swooning over. Treachory is afoot?

As it came closer to the harvest festival, it became more apparent that there are plots and webs to be woven.. already in play. One to involve poor Keeno. To tell mistress Rook or not? She seemed quite friendly and defense of the fae, the night previosuly.

I have told mistress Rook! The response was not at all an expected one. I was right! Webs are being woven.

During the harvest, it seems that I have caught the eyes and ears of the Ilharess. She referred to me as a silver-tongued drow. Is this good or bad? (e