Day 7

Vier’afin still holds a great deal of mistrust over me. It seems my deeds and tales have not made back to her ears. Tis the way of things, I would gather. That Keeno seems to continue with her plotting and scheming! Even today, as I was with the drowess, Vier’afin, she interrupted in order to inform the house of a possible position opening on some council of Jorvik and a plan to poison the food stocks of a place called Norseka. Even more strange was her to willingness to say all of this infront of myself, the outsider, and another strange male. A dastardly fae, one that I think would soon have her wings clipped if it did not suit the house to keep her a bit longer.

That fae now thinks to torment a demon so that it may burn down some roofs in Norseka!