Day 9

I have met Gulzaer again to receive some useful training in the ways of drow society. Things are not as evil as it is written by those on the surface. He spoke of a great many things that make me feel ever closer to home. Perhaps it was well that I followed the dream.

Oh no! The Sut’rinos or now former Sut’rinos has been fired. The Ilharess has declared mistress Rook dead to her and replaced her with the new Sut’rinos, Sut’rinos Zanatoas. Things go strangely. There is a search party out for Rook, they may be out to kill her. Shall I alert her?

The new Sut’rinos has already decreed that practice between all the guilds shall occur on the second and fourth Friday of each month. I wonder how this will fair with the arch mage and grand overseer?