Feel Like a Princess!

Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess?

You can usually find me playing the Gacha’s all over the verse.
What can I say…..I’m a Gacha addict with no signs of stopping!
I find so many great items and so few make me really want to blog about them…

So when I tell you that ERSCH – Archeress Gacha {Lara} Dress makes me feel like a princess…
I mean it!

The Look:
ERSCH – Archeress Gacha {Unrigged} Headband
-[TWC]- Crystal Butterfly (add unpack)
DOUX – Sins hairstyle [BASIC PACK]
ERSCH – Archeress Gacha {Lara} Dress -white-
03.ERSCH – Eden Gacha {Lara} Garters RARE
[BREATHE]-Takomi Heels-Rose Pink-M.LARA

This dress is so romantic and the materials really make it worth spending the lindens on for being just a common gacha item. The skirt part of the dress is just wide enough so your body doesn’t want to cut through and yet doesn’t make you feel like a cream cake!
Most of the time ERSCH is so over the top that I really have to know what look I’m going for. Yet, this dress is perfect. The sleeves give it just what it needs to give it a princess look when added (comes with dress but separate).

When looking for a location to shoot this great look I knew it was going to have to be something special. I wanted to go for a East Coast Hampton’s look and boy I found it!
Silent Melody is an amazing SIM with great photography opportunities (Check out the LM below).