Day 4 – Mistaking a Fae’s place

During a rather long and drawn conversation with Vier’afin about Lloth, a dragon named Zeifyl Daehlie arrived as an emissary of a human princess from a place called Newcastle. He inquired about a letter that may have been sent by the Ilham to their land. Quite a terse dragon wanting to provide little information. The […]

Day 3 – Learning the ways of actual Drow Society!

Returned to Luth, I was not able to get back into the city at this time. There is a tavern just outside though. I went go and see what kind of beverages they served at the establishment. Wow, the Eldaas wine has a kick to it. The barkeep called it a blood wine. I can […]

Day 2 – Continuing my observations of Drow from the Underdark

Apparently, I fell asleep in the library. Another “Velkyn”, Gelrel’e Maelthra Xukuth V’arde, and a drake approached me, wondering how I was in the city. I informed him of the previous nights actions and was set to continue my reading. He informed me that I was not to explore the city without a guide. This […]

Day 1 – Visiting Lloth’s city at Luth

Journeyed to a strange place called Luth, it seems to be a house of Drow, the Kestal. When attempting to enter, a Drowess named Alaunafay had informed me that I could not enter at the time because the heads of the house were not present at the time. Later that evening, the Matron Mother had […]